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Today, the line between the websites and web applications we visit is not easy to define and users usually refer to «sites» as everything that is accessible through the browser, but in fact, they are two different types of web resources that differ in functionality and purpose. The fact is that modern technologies allow you to create more complex web resources that combine the features of both sites and applications.


  1. Static and simple
  2. Limited in functionality
  3. Have a simple design with an emphasis on the visual presentation of information
  4. Do not require visitor authorization and do not store user data on the server
  5. Can be created without writing a complex code

Web applications:

  1. Imply a variety of interactions with the user
  2. Require user authorization and store their data on the server
  3. Have a more complex and thoughtful design that takes into account the functionality and needs of the user
  4. Creating the functionality of web applications requires writing complex program code and using specialized frameworks and libraries.

If a business’s purpose is to provide information about itself, its products, or services, then it is better to think about developing a website. For instance, a business card website may contain company contact information, a list of products and services, their descriptions, prices, and so on. A website would be the most suitable solution for such businesses as small shops, cafes or restaurants, freelancers providing services, and non-profit organizations that want to provide information about their goals and mission.

If a business wants to provide users with specific tools to perform tasks or services that involve interacting with a database, then a web application is likely required. For example, online banking, online shopping, or social networks use web applications to provide interactivity.

We develop both types of web resources and are always ready to suggest an option more suitable for your goals. During the development process, we follow a process that includes the following steps:

  1. Analysis The web resource must be unique and relevant to business purposes. Therefore, we start the process by analyzing your project, the market, and the needs of the target audience, as well as analyzing competitors to determine the best web resource format to achieve your goals.
  2. Planning Then we move on to project planning which includes defining the overall plan, formalizing the functional and technical requirements into detailed terms of reference, and defining design guidelines, final content, and budget.
  3. Design We create a visual concept for your web resource, taking into account branding and target audience. In addition to a simple and attractive visual component, our task is to make the customer feel comfortable using your resource, so we carefully work out user experience scenarios.
  4. Development After that, the team starts writing the code for the frontend and backend parts of the web resource.
  5. Testing We test the product to make sure that it works correctly and meets the requirements. After successful testing, we are ready to launch the web resource. Here we also check the correctness of the domain and hosting settings.
  6. Support Any web resource needs continuous support. We are ready to manage the project even after the launch, providing high-quality service and quick responses to any problems and requests related to the operation of your website or web application.


If you want to order the development of a website or web application for your business, our team is ready to implement this project for you.

Our main task is to create a high-quality IT solution in the optimal time frame, so we conduct our projects according to flexible methodologies, striving to make internal processes transparent so that you always know at what stage your product is.

Given the characteristics of each project, the prices for developing web resources vary, starting from 1000$

To get a more accurate cost estimate, fill out the form and tell us more about your idea. We are ready to discuss all the details and offer you the best solution.

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