CRM systems

CRM or Customer Relationship Management

This is the approach that companies use to organize interaction with customers. CRM is based on the principle of customer focus and is aimed at developing and maintaining relationships with current customers and attracting new ones.

Companies manage customer relationships using CRM systems - special software that automates and optimizes sales and marketing processes, as well as collects relevant customer data.

The CRM approach applies in marketing, sales, and customer support areas such as E-commerce, financial and consulting services, private medicine, real estate, and custom manufacturing.

CRM systems primarily help to optimize the work of the marketing and sales department. The main tasks of this software include:

Collecting, storing, and management of customer and contact information.

CRM systems help to collect and store information about customers, including contact information, history of interaction with the company, information about purchases, and calls to the support service.

Automation of sales and marketing processes.

CRM systems automatically generate reports, monitor sales progress, send personalized messages to customers, and conduct email newsletters.

Workflow automation.

They create documents based on templates and fill them out automatically in the process of working with the client. This helps managers save time and also avoid documentation errors. The only task left to do is to agree on the final package of documents and approve it.

Customer Project Management.

They help manage sales projects. For example, plan and handle tasks, control deadlines and budget.

Analysis and reporting to evaluate the effectiveness of business processes.

They prepare analytics on the collected data on customer interactions so that managers can evaluate business processes and make the right management decisions. The program generates sales reports, predicts customer needs, evaluates the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, etc.

The market offers many ready-made CRM products, but not every one of them becomes a good solution for business, and here's why:

Unique requirements.

Business processes of companies are often specific, they cannot be taken into account by off-the-shelf software. Therefore, it is necessary to order an individualized development.

Integration with existing systems.

Enterprises use a variety of software to support processes that need to be integrated with CRM software. To smoothly integrate the CRM program into the company's information system and exchange data between its units, either individual development of CRM is required, or adaptation of already used systems to the selected CRM product, which is relatively expensive.

Interface and user experience.

Off-the-shelf solutions offer a universal design that is not necessarily comfortable and understandable for the eventual user, especially given that companies choose ready-made solutions based on functionality when buying.

Our team develops CRM systems for businesses of any size.

We approach projects individually and create efficient, flexible solutions through close cooperation with customers. When developing CRM systems, we follow a specific methodology and process, which includes the following steps:

We define the requirements for the CRM system and determine how it will be used in the company.

We create the architecture of the CRM system and develop the interface. Taking into account the requirements for performance, scalability, security, and usability.

We write code and test the software product, making sure that everything works correctly and meets the requirements.

We install and configure the system in a production environment. We train employees to work with software.

Technical support and maintenance.
After the implementation of the CRM system, it is also essential to ensure its smooth operation and support. We will be happy to accompany the system after the completion of the project, by releasing updates, fixing bugs, and providing technical support to users.


If you want to order the development of a CRM system, our team is ready to implement this project for you.

Our main task is to create a high-quality IT solution in the optimal time frame, so we conduct our projects according to flexible methodologies, striving to make internal processes transparent so that you always know at what stage your product is.

Given the characteristics of each project, the prices for the development of CRM solutions vary greatly, ranging from 5000$

To get a more accurate cost estimate, fill out the form and tell us more about your project and CRM requirements. We are ready to discuss all the details and offer you the best solution.

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