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How do you know which team is better?

You will see the ratings of all the teams that responded to your project. The higher the rating, the more customers were satisfied with the team's work in the past. So you can choose the optimal ratio of the cost of the team's services to its experience.


Can I be sure that the team will get the job done and I won't lose money?

The work is handed over and accepted with the participation of an Atlant Software representative acting as a guarantor. His task is to make sure that the team has completed the order, and the customer does not make unreasonable claims. In addition, if the team does not meet the development timeline, yours funds will be thawed and returned to you.


Why do you need a project manager from Atlant Software?

An Atlant Software representative acts as a disinterested party to prevent conflicts and help resolve disputes to the mutual benefit of the team and the customer. The project manager is absolutely free for both parties.


How is the team rating formed?

After the completion of each project, the customer gives the team a rating based on how satisfied or dissatisfied he is with the quality and efficiency of its work. These ratings, received during the existence of the team, form its rating.


How is payment guaranteed for work?

The funds allocated for the development of the project are frozen at the start of the sprint. The customer cannot collect them after the development has begun. When the customer accepts the project, the funds are unfrozen and automatically transferred to the team's account.


Can I be a customer of some projects and a developer in others at the same time?

This is possible, but you will need to create two accounts in Atlant Software - a customer account and a developer account.


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