Mobile applications

Mobile applications help users easily get the necessary information and solve everyday tasks.

We always have gadgets, mostly our phones, at hand, order groceries with the help of applications and even make an appointment with the doctor, as it is convenient.

Applications bring value to both B2B and B2C segments. For instance, an application can simplify the process of ordering, paying for, and delivering goods and services, as well as provide quick access to product information. Additionally, mobile apps help improve business-to-customer interactions with quick feedback, notifications of new products and promotions, and personalized recommendations based on the customer’s profile.

There are many advantages to introducing mobile applications into processes and they depend on the scope, expediency, quality of concept development, and other factors. Thus, the application is a valuable asset not only for the customer but also for the business.

Functionality and departments

Mobile applications are becoming an important part of the business, and each category has its own requirements for software functionality. If you are looking for new ways to improve processes and increase competitiveness, and see a spot in your business or project for using mobile software, then mobile application development is what you need.

For example, in the fintech sector, mobile applications help run financial transactions, such as payments and transfers, manage accounts and invest.

For the food-tech branch, applications provide the ability to order food, track delivery, and leave feedback on the level of service.

In logistics, applications make managing deliveries and other logistics processes easier.

In E-commerce, applications allow consumers to comfortably buy goods and services.

They also include search options, price comparison, ordering, and delivery tracking functions. We develop mobile applications for all business fields and needs. We create unique products in both B2B and B2C segments, as well as apps as tools to support processes; time tracking, project management, customer relationship management (CRM), and sales management.

Operating Systems

When developing mobile applications, it is crucial to consider that each operating system has its own characteristics, which cause differences in the functionality and design of the application. Our team takes into account the technical characteristics of the selected platforms and the peculiarities of working with them from the very beginning of the project.

For example, for iOS applications, the Swift or Objective-C programming languages ​​and the Xcode integrated development environment are used. In addition, Apple sets strict requirements for the design, functionality, and security of iOS applications, which is also taken into account by our team.

Languages ​​such as Java, Kotlin, or C++ are available for developing Android applications, and the integrated development environment is Android Studio. Unlike iOS, Android gives you more room to personalize the user interface, allowing you to create more customized products.

What is our development process

When developing mobile applications, we follow a certain methodology and process, which includes the following steps:

At the beginning of work, we conduct analytics - we get acquainted with the idea of the project, and determine the goals, functionality, target audience, and your requirements. We also analyze competitors' products and the market as a whole.

Terms of reference.
Then we proceed to the preparation of a detailed technical task and determine the work plan. After that, we coordinate with you the technical aspects and the project implementation plan.

Next, we proceed to the development of the application design, starting with the preparation of concepts and prototypes. After the approval of a suitable option, we proceed to draw the final layouts and typography.

Then we move on to developing the application itself, writing code, testing its functionality, and fixing bugs. We also integrate the application with other necessary services and APIs.

We check the practicability and performance of the application on various devices and operating systems, as well as test security and work under load. At this stage, we also check the compliance of the program with the rules of the App Store and Google Play.

After passing through all the stages, we prepare the application for release. We create developer accounts in the App Store or Google Play, prepare graphic materials for design, upload the application to the market, and publish it.

We also provide support services for the application after the delivery of the project - we ensure the stable operation of the application, fix bugs and update the functionality.


If you want to order the development of a mobile application, our team is ready to implement this project for you.

Our main task is to create a high-quality IT solution in the optimal time frame, so we conduct our projects according to flexible methodologies, striving to make internal processes transparent so that you always know at what stage your product is.

Given the specifics of each project, mobile application development prices vary, starting from 3000$

To get a more accurate cost estimate, fill out the form and tell us more about your idea. We are ready to discuss all the details and offer you the best solution.

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