UX and UI design

Design – is not only about appearance and aesthetics but also about functionality.

It is exactly the idea that is reflected in the mysterious UX/UI relationship, which can be thought of as User Experience & User Interface Design, which is an integrated approach to designing digital products.

UX / UI designers are engaged in designing the user interface and user experience for web resources, mobile applications, and a variety of other software:
UI design refers to the design of interface elements such as buttons, text fields, icons, and other graphic elements. UI designers strive to make the website look attractive, but this is not enough. In addition to a beautiful picture, the user equally appreciates convenience and ease of use.
UX design refers to how the user interacts with the product and how they perceive it. UX designers research user needs and the way they interact with a product. They develop user scenarios, the best ways to arrange information, and carefully think over the logic of interaction so that the product is convenient and meets the users’ needs.
At the same time, the design needs to be balanced - some projects need more usability or (UX), and some need a beautiful interface (UI):
For example, when creating software for managing enterprise processes (ERP, MRP, and CRM systems), internal interfaces, and dashboards, the main goal is for the data to be placed conveniently and clearly, visual design is sidelined.
On the contrary, when creating image sites that promote companies or their products, more attention should be paid to the visual part to create the sought-for effect and interest the user.
The modern approach to creating IT products divides specialists into UI and UX less often. This is because versatility helps designers perceive user experience and aesthetics as one, thereby achieving product integrity.

Our team creates high-quality UI / UX design

for any project, whether it is the design of a control system or a website. We approach projects individually and create convenient and aesthetic solutions, taking into account the goals and objectives of the product and in cooperation with customers.

When developing UX / UI design, we follow a generally accepted development methodology, which includes the following steps:
Research and analysis involve studying the needs of the target audience, analyzing competitors and best practices, and identifying any potential obstacles or problems on the way to a successful user experience.
Information design involves organizing the content and structure of a product in such a way that it is logical and easy to navigate.
Prototyping is the creation of product sketches, layouts of visual elements, and a description of their characteristics. Such sketches become the basis for subsequent designs.
Design involves creating the final graphic elements of a product, including color schemes, typography, and other visual elements.
Testing involves going through product use cases to identify any issues or areas for improvement. Involving users at this stage will help achieve greater depth of testing.
Development is the direct creation of the final product based on the developed and approved design.

This approach helps us keep the project organized and keep rework costs low by ending each stage with a discussion of the results and agreeing on the selected solutions with you. In other words, the situation where we have to completely redo the finished design is impossible.


Our main task is to create a quality design in the optimal time frame, so we conduct our projects according to a stable organized procedure and strive to make internal processes transparent so that you always know at what stage we are.

Given the characteristics of each project, the prices for the development of UI / UX design vary, ranging from 300$

To get a more accurate cost estimate, fill out the form and tell us more about your project and design requirements. We are ready to discuss all the details and offer you the best solution.

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