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We create unique solutions that will help simplify and optimize the company’s business processes, as well as improve interaction with customers.

Chat bot development options


The robot responds to button presses and specific phrases in the message. If the user asks a question not provided for by the program, the bot will automatically redirect him to the operator or inform the user that the request is incorrect.

With artificial intelligence

There is a more complex neural network mechanism here. Such a robot is not programmed for specific questions and answers, but understands the meaning of the dialogue and offers optimal options for solving the client’s problem.

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We undertake that commercial information obtained during the preparation and implementation of the project is confidential and is not subject to disclosure or transfer to third parties.


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Our approach

Stages of work on the project

Collection of business requirements, analysis, UX research

We conduct a pre-project survey and determine the goals and objectives of the project, system limitations, perform a competitive analysis, and identify hypotheses for optimization during user interaction with the product.

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Information Architecture and Prototyping

We plan the navigation and structure of the future project based on the identified scenarios, and build the application structure from logical blocks without design. A prototype allows you to concentrate on the structure and content of the product without being distracted by the design.

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UX/UI design

At this stage, a design concept and a new visual image of the product are being developed. After approval, the design of all pages and their adaptive states for the required device types are drawn.

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Layout and programming

Development teams under the management of a team lead work on projects. We solve complex technical problems: high-load management systems and portals, integration with customer back systems.

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Testing and Debugging

Debugging, We check all projects using bug lists and test them. Integration of end-to-end analytics.

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Launch and subsequent support

We not only launch the project, but also conduct a detailed audit of the architecture (both from the code side and from the server side) for compliance of the implemented solutions with the selected CMF (Content Management Framework), security, fault tolerance and performance.

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What We Offer


What We Offer


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