Chat-bots is a computer program designed to simulate communication with users

Such programs use artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) technologies to understand and interpret user requests and generate appropriate responses.

According to their functions, such programs are divided into two types:
Communication – communicate with users, generate answers to questions, provide information about products and services, and notify them about future events. For example, a tech support bot can help with some issues.
Functional – perform tasks at the request of users, such as generating reports, accepting orders and payments, and transferring information to business applications. For example, a bot on the website of an insurance company can help the user select and pay for insurance based on the parameters entered.

Businesses use chatbots to improve customer service, automate routine business processes, and reduce staff workload.

We encounter dialog boxes with bots on the main pages of websites, in application technical support sections, in instant messengers, and even when making phone calls to hotlines of various organizations. Here are some examples of using these helpers:

Customer service:

chatbots can provide basic customer support around the clock, answer their questions, and solve problems. This is often faster and cheaper than contact with a live specialist and also leads to an increase in customer satisfaction.

Online sales:

chatbots also can assist customers in selecting products, placing an order, and tracking its delivery. Additionally, they provide product or service recommendations based on the customer's past purchases and preferences.


they help businesses improve their relationship with customers and attract new ones. They provide information about new products, promotions, and discounts, as well as conduct surveys and receive feedback from customers.

Business process automation:

they help reduce staff costs and automate routine business processes such as order processing and callback requests.

Resource management:

chatbots can help manage resources efficiently, for instance by notifying employees when reports need to be filled out.
Thus, chatbots have great potential in almost any business. We are ready to help with the implementation of such projects, from basic consultation to support and product updates. To create effective chatbots that will bring your business the benefits listed above, we take the following steps:

  1. Goals and objectives: with your help, we determine what specific goals and objectives the chatbot will solve and what requirements you place on the program. We try to focus on a specific area where you want to improve processes or automate routine tasks to correctly allocate resources and achieve the best effect from implementation.
  2. Understanding the target audience: to create a chatbot that is handy to users, we need to understand their needs and technology usage habits. Therefore, together with you, we carefully study the target audience.
  3. Developing conversational logic: creating effective conversational logic is the key to building a chatbot. We strive to make it simple, understandable, and not too confusing. The chatbot should be able to understand various requests and ask questions for more information if needed.
  4. Use of AI and Machine Learning: the use of AI and machine learning technologies can help improve the quality of the chatbot and increase its efficiency, if there is a scope for this in the project.
  5. Testing and feedback: before launching a chatbot, we conduct testing and make sure it works correctly. At this stage, it is also useful to involve future users, as their feedback helps to improve the functionality and refine the capabilities of the chatbot.
  6. Integration with other systems: A chatbot will be even more helpful if it is integrated with other systems, such as CRM, email, or an online payment system.


If you want to use a chatbot in your business, our team is ready to implement this project for you.

Our main task is to create a high-quality IT solution in the optimal time frame, so we conduct our projects according to flexible methodologies, striving to make internal processes transparent so that you always know at what stage your product is.

Given the characteristics of each project, the prices for the development of chatbots differ, starting from 300$

To get a more accurate cost estimate, fill out the form and tell us more about your project and the tasks that need to be solved. We are ready to discuss all the details and offer you the best solution.

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